Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 9 Thing 23 My summary

Ah, I am at the end, and I feel I just begin! I have still so much to explore, implement what I learned. I am not done at all.I would definately chose to particapte in another discovery program in future.
I am not technology shy, I embrass new technology, but introducing myself to technology on my own is hard.This program enabled me to reach that goal of trying something new and enjoying what I discovered.
My favorite activity was to catalog my favorite books and my favorite discovery was that claiming my blogs and all the free downloadable ebooks.
To survive the future of libraries,we need to be on top of what the public want, what they know,and we have to find out how we can offer to them in best way psossible.The committment of learning and sharing is always going to be in demand.We offer the community the enviornment of soical and individual learning and playing and the patrons will keep coming to the libraries.

Week 9 Thinf 20 YouTube Post

YouTube is so much fun!I found an interview of Mira Nair who directed the movie,"Namesake".I started my first blogwritiing about this movie and the book and I end with it now!Project Guttenberg has very ey and free access to download the ebooks.

Week 7 Thing 16, 17

I am familiar with the Wiki.Often when I look up something on search engines like goggle or Yahoo, I see some that is mentioned in a Wikipedia. I am not very sure if I can trust the information on it as anyone can add and delete.
However, has a good concept where all the blogs of librarians coud be found at one place, where people can share ideas with one another and where librarians can learn to replicate the successes of other libraries.
Added my entry to the wiki Sandbox. I am so proud!

Week 8 Thing 18, 19

I did not know there were so many other applicatons, like the microsoft word and spreadsheet.I guess can get used to by trying different ones.
My relative who is a relationship therapist was talking about how her authobiograhy was going to be publish online, but it would not be a hard copy unless some would like to by it and it will be available as e-book.I was little puzzled as to how it would work.Reading what is about make it clear. and LibaryThing is a wonderful find!I would be suing my membership of Librarything often as there are so many possibilities to conncet to people who are reading or read the same book as I am.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week 6 Tagging Thing 13, 14, 15

Getting to know what tagging is about little better with flickr and all different defination on Wikipedia was lot of information.
Tried getting to DEliccio.ou site but it's hard to read.
Technorati is incredible.Millions of bogs in blogsphere, I am glad to a part of this blogsphere.I tried to claim ny blog, but got a message that it could not be claimed now, try later.Uhmm
Read the perspectie on web 2.0,Lbrary 2.0 and the future libraries, and I think we all are aware of the changes and trends affecting the future of the libraries as we know internet has made information so easily accessible.However, library is a social environment and we have to move along with technolgy, but remember the social aspect of this community learning center and we have to combine these two in best way possible to keep library thriving.

Week 4 Thing 8

Learned about RSS feeds.Would like to understand better later. I am rushing to create my newsreader account on Bloglines. It's amazing now cyberworld knows what I like to read about and will keep me updated.

Week 5 Rollyo

It is fun so say Rollyo reminds me of Romeo! It is a good search tool especaily for me as I am always looking off cheap plane tickets. I created my own seach tool and added my favorite travel website. I am going to ues this tool often.